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Town Planning & Infrastructure Development Division

The Port Vila City Council through the administrative role of the Town Planning and Infrastructure Division, main goal is to ensure all development and planning decision mandated by the respective legislations are enforce and complied accordioning with, to build a cultural, traditional, safe, vibrant, and resilient city that enhances access and equal opportunity for all its citizens.

Roles and Responsibilities. 

  • Administration of development Planning
  • Enforcement of development permit

Do we have a Building permit by-Law?

 YES we do have by-Laws:

  1. CAP 193 Physical Planning Act of 1987
  2. CAP 126 Municipalities Act of 2001
  3. Building Act of 2013

CAP 193(7) ‘’ Powers of the council to deal with Applications (1) where applications is made to the Council for permission to develop, the Council may grant permission either unconditionally or subject to subject any conditions as it thinks fit or refuse permission and in dealing with any such application the Council shall have regard to the plan in force and any other material considerations’’.


Planning and Administration of Development Permit

 What type of Permit we provide?

  • Building Application Permit
  • Excavation Permit
  • Subdivision Permit
  • Change of use Permit
  • Fencing Permit
  • Cutting of footpath Permit
  • Trenching Permit


How can I have a building permit? Who can talk too?

 Our Town Planning office is located at the main office of PVCC Headquarter.
 Do not hesitate to contact our officer on 22113 and talk to our Team for any queries.